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... because relationships matter

RP&A is a group of licensed marriage and family therapists, trained to work with couples, families and individuals with a wide range of issues. We focus on understanding our client's problems and interaction patterns from a relationship perspective. We make every effort to remain impartial and help each person identify and own their contribution to the current situation.

Couples seek marriage or family counseling for a variety of issues: communication breakdowns, infidelity, struggling with becoming new parents, parenting teenagers, facing the empty nest, torn between the demands of their aging parents and their children, two career couples, or loss of health or employment are issues that many couples face today. Let RP&A help you help yourself through challenging times. Life is a journey. Let us accompany you through the rough terrain.

Individual clients seek counseling with RP&A for depression, anxiety, trauma, work place issues, recovering from divorce, planning for or struggling with retirement, illness, caregiver and bereavement issues.

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